St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross on The Beatitudes

The Secular Discalced Carmelite seeks the road to spiritual perfection by means of the Rule of St. Albert, the Constitutions of the Secular Order, and the Rule of Life found in the Constitutions and the Provincial Statutes of the Secular Discalced Carmelite Order. To reach this goal of spiritual perfection, the candidate for admission to the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites follows the spirit of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience according to his/her state in life. But there is an additional standard after which each Secular Discalced Carmelite seeks to model his/her life. This standard is contained in the very language of the Promise the candidate makes to the superiors of the Order, both in the Temporary Promise and in the Definitive Promise. Christ gives this standard of spiritual perfection announced by Him in the Sermon on the Mount to all His followers in the Beatitudes. If the "spirit of the Beatitudes" is contained in the Promise of the Secular Discalced Carmelite, then we must be able to find that spirit reflected in the writings of our seminal saints, St Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross. This book examines the major works of those saints and discovers the "spirit of the Beatitudes" resplendent in their writings. 305 pp.
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St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross on The Beatitudes
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