The Little Flower Press


The Process

Artboard 1.png

Flower pressing is an art form that requires time, patience and attention to detail. Every bouquet artwork I create takes between 20 - 30 hours of care and hard work. I have spent 2 years learning how best to press flowers and ensure a quality product. I believe in using natural techniques to dry press flowers which results in earthy, natural tones that are true to nature. Your bouquet means so much to you and I treat it with the same amount of love and care to create a piece that can stay with you forever.


Step 1: Trim and Prep

Once I receive your bouquet, I immediately will begin the process of trimming and prepping the flowers for pressing. Every flower is unique and needs  to be pressed in a way that works best for that flower type in order to preserve colour and structure. This involves removing excess petals and leaves, trimming stems, and identifying how best to press a flower to preserve colour and shape – sometimes this even means deconstructing the flower for the pressing process

Step 2: Pressing

Once the flowers are prepped I then start laying them out on pressing sheets, matching flowers with the right pressing material based on their pressing needs. Attention to detail is paramount as how you lay a flower will be exactly how it presses so this takes time and attention. Once they are all laid out they are then pressed to remove water and dry the flower.

Step 3: Maintenance

As the flowers are drying, they require daily maintenance for 2 – 3 weeks depending on the thickness of the flower. This involves techniques to ultimately preserve the flower in its best form and colour.


Step 4: Design

Each dried flower is then analyzed to see how best to represent its form in the design. And then the creative magic begins! My design is meant to be a creative reflection of the bouquet and I treat it as an art piece versus creating an exact reflection of the bouquet. Ultimately I am designing a piece of art that will fit beautifully in your home.


Step 5: Framing

Once the artwork is finalized, the piece will be framed based on your frame choice at the time of ordering. Finished artwork can be shipped without framing, if you choose to forgo that option.